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SolidSeoVPS Review

Review of: SolidSeoVPS VPS

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On May 12, 2013
Last modified:December 22, 2014


Review Summary

Top speed (both network and hardware), VERY LOW price. That's SolidSeoVPS offer in short. If they keep the good work this VPS will be the number one choice for a budget Windows VPS.

HW performance
Net performance
Support rating
Value rating

Updated 2014.12.21
Let me welcome a new adventurer, who dares to set the sails and navigate on rough waters of Windows VPS hosting. SolidSeoVPS is here! They started hosting in March/April 2013 and are selling full featured VPSes for low (I mean LOW!) prices.

Vps offer
SolidSeoVPS website is very similar to Berman Hosting website. I think they share the same theme template. They also have very similar Terms of Service (with my favourite phrase about US Federal, State and City laws!). But there’s also a huge difference: no extra costs. In SolidSeoVPS you will get both Windows license and 1Gb/s port in the price!
SolidSeoVPS has been repainted and now has a pretty decent look. Sure thing is that price is still all-inclusive.
The number of VPS configurations available has been greatly extended. Take a look at the current details:

Plan CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth Port Price
Starter2xE32 GB150 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s14.95$
Newbie1xE5/71 GB75 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s19.95$
Guru2xE5/71.5 GB100 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s28.95$
Advanced4xE34 GB300 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s34.95$
Geek4xE5/72 GB150 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s34.95$
Business6xE36 GB350 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s44.95$
Elite6xE5/73 GB200 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s49.95$
Pro8xE38 GB400 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s58.95$
Wizard8xE5/74 GB300 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s64.95$
Ultimate8xE316 GB500 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s94.95$
Old Plan1x3.4Ghz1 GB75 GBunlimited1000 Mb/s999.00$

You can use your Windows VPS all day long, because there is no monthly bandwidth limit. All these goodies are backed up with 30 days money back guarantee and, as they say, 100% Service Uptime Guarantee. Honestly, I don’t think that 100% uptime is achievable, but it’s really not necessary.
As usual you shouldn’t be a bad boy, so no proxy servers, no adult stuff, no illegal materials,no copyrighted materials are allowed.

This time I was asked to evaluate the VPS, so the setup time cannot be estimated. They claim that they will setup your system in 1-2 hours which is great. The support replays quickly for emails and you can see that they’re enthusiastic with their work! In general you can contact them with an email, a support ticket or a web form. I hope that they will keep the energy!


VPS Benchmark
Please note that this benchmark has been taken before the upgrade of the SolidSeoVPS offer.
Similar to Berman Hosting this VPS runs on a Intel Core i7 processor, which is usually used in desktop systems. The operating system is well setup and it takes only 340MB (fresh after restart). The annoying for most of the SEO tools users IE Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) is switched off by default.
How about the hardware benchmark? Here are the results:

NovaBench Score: 347
4/29/2013 1:22:59 PM
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
Intel Core i73770 3.40GHz @ 3404 MHz
Graphics Card: VMware SVGA 3D

1023 MB System RAM (Score: 130)
- RAM Speed: 11926 MB/s

CPU Tests (Score: 199)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 25723492
- Integer Operations/Second: 112495181
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 1306101

Graphics Tests (Score: 0)
- 3D Frames Per Second: 0

Hardware Tests (Score: 18)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 75 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 150 MB/s

That’s really great! Very good all around performance: RAM, CPU, disk – no weak points. It should stay this away unless the server gets crowded.
Let’s test the network performance now. The result are split into two, each one for a different test server.
For the server number one:
solidseovps windows vps network performance 1
And what you say? Marvellous? Perfect? Amazing? Pick one! You can’t go any faster then this on 1Gb/s port. And this performance is rock stable – average download is 937.27Mb/s (min 933.8Mb/s, max 940.16Mb/s), while average upload is 896.90Mb/s (min 892.46Mb/s, max 903.64Mb/s).
To validate the results I’ve hammered also a few different servers and got lower stats – average download is 258.77Mb/s (min 206.35Mb/s, max 311.19Mb/s), while average upload is 115.28Mb/s (min 106.59Mb/s, max 123.96Mb/s).
solidseovps windows vps network performance 2
I said that they’re lower, but still this is one of the best network performance results I got till now.

Now, as usual, test how responsive is the machine from different parts of the world.
The SolidSeoVPS server is located in Gunzenhausen (Germany) and hosted by Hetzner Online Ag.

Place Avg. ping
Germany 23 ms
Poland 30 ms
USA / Chicago 114 ms

The ping packets are being blocked by this VPS by default, so it won’t answer to your ping. I’ve tested it pinging my test locations FROM this machine. The values show that there will be no problems in working on SolidSeoVPS machines even from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Review Summary

Top speed (both network and hardware), VERY LOW price. That's SolidSeoVPS offer in short. If they keep the good work this VPS will be the number one choice for a budget Windows VPS.

HW performance
Net performance
Support rating
Value rating


  1. I hope that Adam (the owner of SoildSeoVPS) is as good at doing business as he is good at setting up a decent machines and that this hosting provider will supply us with nice Windows VPSes for years!
    The review sounds like an advertisement, I know. But this offer deserves it really.

  2. SolidSeoVPS is growing. It went from 3 to 10 (+5 in different location) configurations!
    New web design and smoother look and feel. Aye!

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