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Powerup hosting review

Updated 2014.12.21

Powerup hosting ( poweruphosting.com ) domain was setup in 2003. However the Wayback machine shows that in years 2008 – 2010 the site as gone. It was reactivated in 2011 and since then this hosting provider is back in the business. They teamed up with a larger company – HostTheName (7 years of experience), so they have a solid background.
On their Windows VPS you can install any (legal) tool you want and use it for any purpose unless you want to send bulk unsolicited emails. The provider advises you to use proxies whenever possible.
At the time of writing this review Powerup hosting is offering 4 different hosting plans a lot of different hosting plans. Here are the details of most attractive SSD based VPSes:
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Please notice that all the plans come with a 1000 Mbps network port and unlimited monthly bandwidth usage. You can run your software 24 / 7 without worries.

The Windows VPS server was set up for us in 6 hours. We received a nice confirmation email containing all the necessary data. The user panel is a standard WHMCS panel however I couldn’t find any option to reboot, start or shutdown the virtual machine. If your Windows gets frozen you have to open a support ticket. Talking about tickets: our requests and queries were answered in 2-3 hours. Moreover we asked for a live skype session and all problems were sorted out fast. Our experience with Powerup hosting support is really very good. You can contact them using a ticket, email, skype or private message (PM) on a forum. Thumbs up!

Powerup VPS desktop

Please note that this benchmark has been taken before the upgrade of Powerup hosting offer.
So far so good, but how about real testing? Our Nova Benchmark gave the following results (on a Lite plan):

NovaBench Score: 317

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
Intel Xeon E31270 3.40GHz @ 3391 MHz

1024 MB System RAM (Score: 120)
- RAM Speed: 10004 MB/s

CPU Tests (Score: 186)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 25683593
- Integer Operations/Second: 103091286
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 1178609

Hardware Tests (Score: 11)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 35 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 115 MB/s

When you compare them with other benchmarks it turns out that this Windows VPS is a well configured and pretty powerful machine. The average internet connection speed reported by the speedtest.net is 248.36 Mb/s (download) and 184.01 Mb/s (upload) with minimum and maximum at 198.33 Mb/s / 286.80 Mb/s (download), 174.94 Mb/s / 197.16 Mb/s (upload). Please note that the connection performs sometimes like a 100 Mbps link. It could depend on the VPS current load and the temporary high load of speedtest.net test servers. Our Scrapebox single instance installed on Powerup hosting Windows VPS (Lite plan) reached about 180 links per second using google search results, public proxies and 100 connections.

You get an admin account with full right to Windows installation. The OS is set up in a standard way and we advice you to change the configuration a bit for your safety and convenience (look here). There are on redundant services started and you have about 380 MB used by the operating system just after a fresh login.
Now let’s see how comfortably you can access your Windows VPS from different parts of the world. If the ping time is to high it’s not comfortable to work with your system, because you have to wait after each click or action for the response. Here is the table with ping statistics:

Place Avg. ping
Germany 130 ms
Poland 150 ms
USA / Chicago 3 ms
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  1. If you have some experience with Powerup hosting and want to share the others feel free to post it here!

  2. I’m sorry to say that this month network performance of this hosting is very poor. They moved their servers to another location and it’s much worse then the previous one.
    I hope they will fix it soon!

  3. PowerUp Hosting also joined the SSD revolution and doubled the number of configurations offered. Growing, aye?

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