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CheapSeoVPS Review

Ahoy Sea Dogs!
Today we will examine a VPS which claims to be “cheap” and “seo”. It sounds really sweet to my pirate ears, so let me introduce CheapSeoVPS now!
Their history starts in June 2012 as / . From the start they were providing Windows VPS machines packaged with SEO tools and then they introduced clean Windows VPS boxes.

VPS offer
cheap seo vps home page
CheapSeoVPS tempts us with 3 different lines of boxes offered. The first one is a quite standard line of VPS machines (with SSD based alternatives available).
The second one consists of Windows VPS with preinstalled SEO tools. The last option is to get an individual account on a big machine packed with tons of SEO tool goodies. Let’s open the treasue box and see the details.

Windows VPS line
This is a fairly standard, sweet priced line of Windows boxes. You can also get SSD backed alternative setups.
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Windows VPS with SEO tools
Now someting more interesting. Small and medium sized VPS boxes packed with SEO tools.
[magictable-shortcode1 provider=”CheapSeoVps S”]

SEO tools installed

SEnuke GSA Magic SEO
GSA Captcha Breaker GSA Ranker Magic Submitter Magic Submitter
SEnuke XCr GSA Captcha Breaker Captcha Sniper GSA Ranker
WAC Premium WAC Premium WAC Premium GSA Captcha Breaker
SEnuke X Bio TheBestSpinner SEnuke X Bio Tweet daemon
TheBestSpinner Instant Article wizard TheBestSpinner SEnuke XCr
Instant Article wizard Instant Article wizard WAC Premium
Proxy Goblin SEnuke X Bio
Instant Article wizard
Proxy Goblin

Remote desktop account
At the time of writing there are two kinds of accounts available.

Basic Professional
Senuke XCr Pro Tweet Attacks Pro
TheBestSpinner Scrapebox
Senuke X Bio SEnuke XCr
Instant Article wizard SEnuke X Bio
SEO Power Suite TheBestSpinner
Instant Article wizard SEO Power Suite
Shared Proxies Instant Article wizard
WAC Gscraper
Scrapebox Nohands SEO
Licorne AIO
Backlink Monitor
Ultimate Niche Finder

What is the differene between a Windows VPS with SEO tools and a remote desktop account?
If you get a VPS you will be a real captain of the machine – you’ll get an administrator account. You can install and uninstall any program you wish. You will have guaranteed resources available. You will get also some SEO tools preinstalled for you.
If you choose a remote desktop account you will be one of many users on a big shared Windows box administered by the provider. You will have access to the SEO tools already installed and nothing more.

Support and Terms of Service
I had a bit of conversation with the CheapSeoVPS support team, asking them many questions. The response time varried from 5 minutes to 1 business day. It’s ok since we’re in different time zones. All my questions were answered and I’m happy with the support provided.
As for the Terms of Service – we do not get any kind of money back policy: all sales are final, our account could be terminated on provider discretion. VPS hosting policy is short and clear “We do not except email spamming without proxies.”. It’s SEO VPS, aye!

VPS Benchmark
cheap seo vps screenshot
Our CheapSeoVPS test server is the smallest 768MB RAM machine virtualized using the QEMU technology. What our benchmarking tools say about this VPS?

NovaBench Score: 307
12/14/2014 10:48:49 PM
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
QEMU Virtual version 2.1.1 @ 3392 MHz
Graphics Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

768 MB System RAM (Score: 117)
- RAM Speed: 10862 MB/s

CPU Tests (Score: 183)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 25649967
- Integer Operations/Second: 102030801
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 1131606

Graphics Tests (Score: 0)
- 3D Frames Per Second: 0

Hardware Tests (Score: 7)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 20 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 85 MB/s

The CPU and RAM speed is good, however the disk speed is below average.
Now let’s see the network performance. Average download speed on 1 Gb/s port according to is 478.46 Mb/s , while upload is an amazing 966,46 Mb/s – both rock stable. Wow!
cheapseovps network performance 1
With results like that I just had to test it with another peer server located in other country. What I got? 376.27 Mb/s download with 759.61 Mb/s upload. It’s still very, very good.
cheapseovps network performance 2

There is about 380MB of RAM occupied after the startup, which is a standard value for this kind of machine.
To make the testing complete let’s check the responsiveness.

Place Avg. ping
Germany 15 ms
USA / Chicago 105 ms

CheapSeoVPS servers are located in France. Average ping time is very good and shows that you can work comfortably when connecting from Europe. If you’re US based you’re network packets will have to sail through Atlantic Ocean, so will have a standard over-Atlantic


  1. I’m trying to convince Chris from CheapSeoVPS to let us test one of the Windows SEO packages and measure the real seo performance.

  2. Thank you for your honest review. I just wanted to tell you that all our SSD VPS servers are located on Canada. Let me know if you like to test these too.

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