What is Gantry ?

Gantry is a comprehensive set of building blocks to enable the rapid development and realization of a design into a flexible and powerful web platform theme.

960 Grid System

The theme is split into rows of 6 columns, culminating in a total of 68 widget positions, all perfectly aligned to the grid.

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Intuitive Interface

Outfitted with a sleek, intuitive administrative control panel, Gantry allows for extensive configuration with incredible ease.

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Overrides Control

Control over any configuration parameter, such as layouts, colors, features, etc, can all be different for any override.

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Layout Control

Gantry provides support for all kinds of layout options including column sizes, orientation, widget arrangment, and much more.

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Berman Hosting Review


Updated 2014.12.21

Berman hosting was given birth in October 2011 and from the start it was offering cheap windows vps hosting. Although the prices were risen a bit it still is one of the cheapest available. The provider’s data is publicly available in whois database, so we easily learnt that the business is run from Bulgaria.

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Gantry Support

We have written extensive documentation that covers a full range of topics from installation to advanced concepts such as custom features. If you find your question cannot be answered in the provided documentation, you can also find additional help via IRC as well as the RocketTheme Forums (available to active RocketTheme Club Members).

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Want to Know More ?

Gantry is a powerful framework that RocketTheme uses as the basis for all of its new WordPress theme designs, and we have made it available to you via the GPL license. You are free to use it in your theme development projects.

Please check out the official Documentation for full details and information on how to implement Gantry in your own projects. We have created extensive online documenation and video screencasts detailing how to customize Gantry with minimum effort. Also. RocketTheme Club Members can access our internal Gantry Forums for an even greater level of assistance and insight.

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RTL Support

Gantry has built in RTL support which will automatically ???flip??? the content layouts and ordering to support RTL.

Stunning Admin UI

Gantry provides a uniquely intuitive interface to control all aspects of the design visually with real time feedback.

Extensible AJAX

Our powerful AJAX system allows dynamic functionality in features as well as opening up AJAX to 3rd party extensions.

Custom Gizmos

Easily add your own unique theme functionality and special features with Gantry's flexible gizmo support.