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New from the VPS High Seas

Ahoy, greetings fellow sailors!
Captain Blackbeard and the crew set the sails and took some time to revisit all the old ports, where VPS Windows offers are to be seen. Here are the gossips and news gathered.

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Introducing Windows VPS Previews

In order to further improve Black Beard’s Blackhat Windows VPS review service I have decided to introduce a new form of hosting evaluation. In addition to our detailed reviews we would like to give you the previews.

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Rise the sails!


It’s your captain speaking. We’re leaving the safe harbour and sailing through the rough seas of Windows VPS offers. But don’t you worry! I’ve been doing it for years and I know all the tricks.

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How we review a VPS hosting?

Our review follow a common structure and thanks to that you can easily find the information you want or compare the hosts (you can also use our Magic Table for comparison). I will briefly present the structure here.

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