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It’s your captain speaking. We’re leaving the safe harbour and sailing through the rough seas of Windows VPS offers. But don’t you worry! I’ve been doing it for years and I know all the tricks.

So sail with Captain Black Beard on board of – we will warn you about all the deadly winds and treacherous shallows helping you to get the VPS you really need.

Me and my crew will engage and board all Windows VPS hosts we will spot and cut through their marketing claims to show you what they’re really worth. We will hit them hard with our testing procedures, we have our guns ready. We will wreck and sunk every Windows VPS plan which won’t conform to our high standards. fearless crew will seek and loot  hidden hosting and SEO treasures stashing them in our special treasure box. I will open it only to the elite sailors who dare to join us! Are you one of them?

So don’t waste your time and money to scan hundreds of VPS hosting providers worldwide. Use Captain BlackBeard experience and find safe harbour of good Windows VPS for your SEO tools with the help of our reviews and the famous Black Beards Magic Table, where the loot of all our past journeys is being kept in one place for your convenience.

Your fearsome,
Captain Black Beard


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