Blog New from the VPS High Seas

New from the VPS High Seas

Ahoy, greetings fellow sailors!
Captain Blackbeard and the crew set the sails and took some time to revisit all the old ports, where VPS Windows offers are to be seen. Here are the gossips and news gathered.

SolidSeoVPS is growing. It went from 3 to 10 (+5 in different location) configurations!
VPSWebserver cut prices a bit. However it also cut the allowed transfer in half. Worth it? My parrot says: “Nay!”
PhotonVps went for speed and introduced some pretty neat ssd offers. A new (or not so much new) trend in the market. Moreover they sweetened their prices. Now their stock is something to consider. Fair winds!
Bermanhosting is offering now 1Gbps ports and Windows license fees are included. All this for a litte bit more gold. I like it.
PowerUp Hosting also joined the SSD revolution and doubled the number of configurations offered. Growing, aye?
Hostamus hosting crew changed their plans. They removed “1 GB plan” (what?!) and they start from “2 GB” now. There are also some high end SSD boxes. Moreover they moved to 1Gbps ports.

Some companies have sunk and are burried deep in the ocean, so they were removed from our Magic Table.

Take care and steer away from the December storms into the calm waters of best VPS Windows offers.

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