Blog Introducing Windows VPS Previews

Introducing Windows VPS Previews

In order to further improve Black Beard’s Blackhat Windows VPS review service I have decided to introduce a new form of hosting evaluation. In addition to our detailed reviews we would like to give you the previews.  Sometimes the hosting provider is not yet ready to allow Black Beard’s vicious crew examine their service in details. However in this case we can still give you some important information: we can dig into the company’s history and give some thoughts about their credibility, we can analyze their hosting plans in terms of features and prices, we can check their reactions to customer enquiries, we can examine ping based responsiveness of the servers etc.
Although we can give you many useful thoughts about the Windows VPS, we can’t measure all of the parameters without full access to the machine. That is why we can’t rate the VPS network and hardware performance, which results in low overall rating. The previewed Windows VPS can’t get more than 3 points (out of 5) in total with 0 points for hardware and up to 2 points for network performance.
We would like to encourage the hosting providers to cooperate with us and let us publish the full review. You are loosing business here! If your service lives up to its promise then you don’t have to be afraid of Black Beard’s Blackhat VPS crew judgement.

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