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How we review a VPS hosting?

Our review follow a common structure and thanks to that you can easily find the information you want or compare the hosts (you can also use our Magic Table for comparison). I will briefly present the structure here.

In the beginning we write about the hosting company: their credibility, how long do they stay in the business. We also write about their attitude towards installing SEO tools, terms of service and the declared complaints or spam policy.

In the second paragraph we go through the Windows VPS offer. We analyze the hardware specification and available resources for each plan showing strong and week points. It’s also important to notice how the price progress between the plans and what are your really paying for.

The third section covers the subject of client support quality. We examine how fast and by what means (ticket, phone, email, skype, forum PW) you can contact the hosting company in case of any problems. New Windows VPS setup time is also noticed. Moreover we try to monitor the server’s uptime during the period of testing.

Now it’s the time to go live. We install the Nova Benchmark and run the tests (RAM speed benchmark, CPU benchmark, Harddrive benchmark). Another important factor is the upload / download speed measurements (repeated 5 times to get the average). In addition we audit the Windows OS configuration and the installed software. We check the amount of free RAM available to your programs and test the responsiveness of the Windows VPS desktop by accessing it from different parts of the world.

The last section is the summary of our findings. The main criteria of our evaluation are:

  1. Hardware Performance (how fast your VPS is running?)
  2. Net Performance (how good is the network speed?)
  3. Support Rating (can you depend on the provider’s support?)
  4. Value Rating (what value you can get for your money?)

I hope that this article clarifies the method of our reviews. As you can see this is a very detailed procedure. Our standard is to provide the Black Beard’s Blackhat VPS visitors as much valuable information as it is possible. If you’re a Windows VPS hosting provider and if you dare to be reviewed by Black Beard’s team you can contact us here.


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